Custom-Crafted Podcast Music your Listeners Won’t Forget


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Hi there, I’m Tyler, the creative mind behind Tones On Toast!

I’m a passionate music and sound designer who has spent years crafting musical compositions for a wide range of mediums. I’ve delved into the exciting realm of audio branding and have harnessed the power of sound to elevate podcasts to new heights.


Signature sounds tailored to suit you

Introducing our Podcast Package, helping you to launch and maintain a professional podcast.

We’ll work with you to create original intro music tailored specifically to your podcast & your brand, along with optional outro music, we like to call this sonic branding. Sounds your listeners won’t forget.

We’ll set up your recording workflow hassle-free, even organizing your files on Dropbox or Google Drive so you can focus on the ideas and showing up at the mic 🎙️ without any of the tech headaches. 

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the tech and would love some help or maybe you want an original piece of music produced you can send me a DM on Instagram or contact me here – I’d love to hear from you!